Abstaining from eating foods as a treatment method has been known for centuries. Ancient texts that have survived to our times confirm the use of healing hunger by Chinese, Tibetan, Indian, Persian, Babylonian, Arab, Jewish, Greek and Roman medics. Famous philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras used 10-day healing hunger several times a year. Sometimes he refrained from eating 40 days. He motivated his actions with the desire to stimulate the spirit and gain strength. The father of medicine, Hippocrates, did not give anything to the patient until the first symptoms of health improvement appeared. Roman physician – Galen (incidentally the creator of the science of medicines) – officially proclaimed that periodic abstinence from foods evenly cleanses the whole body. An Arab scholar Avicenna (X / XI century), author of a treaty that for many centuries was the basis of European medicine, considered healing hunger as one of the most important therapeutic methods.

Also, many religions for centuries have advised their followers to use shorter or longer healing hunger. In ancient times the Egyptians fasted for 42 days before Christmas. For Christians the fast between Ash Wednesday and Easter was strictly observed. The Buddhists fasted before joining the monastery, the Indians before the initiation. Philosophers Plato and Socrates did 10 days of healing hunger. According to the Bible, Moses before he wrote the Ten Commandments for forty days and forty nights he “did not eat bread and drink water.” Jesus, before the proclamation of the Gospel, also withdrew to the desert and fasted there for forty days.

However, attention should be paid to a significant difference. The difference between starving and healing hunger. Starvation can lead to the destruction of the body and even death. A healing hunger is like a surgery without a scalpel. It is time to remove toxins from our body, time to improve the functioning of the body, the time of intracellular renewal. During a properly conducted healing hunger, the autophagy process takes place in our body. Autophagy is a phenomenon of “utilization” consisting in “eating” by a cell of dead or damaged elements of its structure.

More information about the healing hunger can be found in the book of Janusz Kolasa “Healing hunger in the Philippines” (in Polish only) in the store.

The book author, at the invitation of Grzegorz Sleziak, accompanied a group of Poles who conducted a multi-day healing hunger in the Philippines. Daily observation showed that the people improved their appearance, had a smoother skin and wrinkles disappeared. According to Janusz Kolasa, healing hunger is effective in cancer, AIDS, venereal diseases, diseases of the liver, lungs, heart, kidneys and bones.

Grzegorz Sleziak – our Polish White Saibaba went to the Philippines for the first time in 2014. Severely ills (lyme disease, prostate cancer, cardiac arrhythmia, kidney blockage, depression, muscle, joint and back pain) put everything on one card. He went to an unfamiliar country with the hope of saving his own life. He started and enden successfully 40-day healing hunger, he slept a lot, spent several hours a day in the sea and in the sun, he gave in the fire test in the sand under the supervision of a Filipino shaman, underwent a king cobra venom therapy and treatments with a zapper. He noticed that the growths and black marks that he had had since his birth had begun to disappear and the pain in his muscles, joints and back had ceased. After returning to Poland, he had a planned prostate surgery … it turned out that there was no such need.

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During the healing hunger the body like the best doctor is guided by its own intelligence, deciding what can be removed and what should be protected.

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