Offer to stay on the Island of Cayo Coco in Cuba

In 2020, 3-week stays are planned in the following dates:

I stay: January 7 – January 28

II stay: January 28 – February 18

III stay: February 18 – March 10

IV stay: March 10 – March 31

Single, double and triple rooms. The prices depend on the number of people in the room.

(* closer to the dates of departure, prices may change)

PRICE LIST (three-week stay)

Triple room – 1.160 EUR per person (1.280 USD)
Double room – 1.330 EUR per person (1,450 USD)
Single room – 1.700 EUR per person (1.870 USD)

This price includes a three-week stay at the all-inclusive resort Resort, transport from the airport and to the airport, help and care of Grzegorz Sleziak over the group, sauna, workshops and training on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.
IMPORTANT: we prefer payments in Euro because Cubans add an additional 10% fee to payments in US dollars.


(We help in arranging your trip)

The participants of the healing hunger will be provided with coconuts for an additional fee.
It will also be possible to use bioresonance therapy (QUANTEC).

All interested in traveling may reserve a place here

There is a doctor and the hospital for tourists on the Cayo Coco Island. Below the price list in CUC for tests and consultations.
CUC is the currency for tourists which can be bought only in Cuba for euros or dollars.




I invite you to Yogi Kundalini classes in Cuba. An amazing range of practices that he funds for this type of yoga:
– cleanses and harmonizes at all levels: body, mind and spirit
– harmonizes all systems: hormonal, nervous, immune and digestive
– releases drugs, pains, mental blocks, traumas, stress
– gives a new beginning, builds charisma
What will we work on during our meetings in the beautiful ocean scenery:
– work on the mind to change mental eating patterns
– Simple yoga techniques to free yourself from compulsive eating
– yoga techniques for healthy intestines
– how to deal with stress
– whole body detox techniques
– techniques for a healthy spine and heart support
– kidney and disease resistance exercises
– lung renewal and circulation
– proper breathing
– hormonal yoga

I also invite you to abdominal massage, which releases tension and toxins, supports better bowel function, improves our body.

Possibility of individual consultations and meditative healing.
“Nobody is deprived of self-healing skills. God has provided the whole healing system within you.”
“Healing is the flow of energy of your soul” Yogi Bhajan, master of kundalini yoga.


I invite you. Ela Konicka

Ela Konicka: Kundalini Yoga coach for 10 years, who has fallen in love and practices her every day.
Conducts group and individual sessions. She claims that Yoga changed her life.
He transfers his experience to others and shares his thoughts.
He holds a degree of naturopathy and specializes in cleansing the body at all levels.
Mother of three children.


A visit to the shaman and visiting Ciego de Avila

ciego 6

7.00 – departure from the resort
9.00 am – visit to the Shaman
12.00 – 13.00 arrival to Ciego de Avila (visiting the city with a carriage)
14.00 – dinner
15.00 -16.00 – sightseeing of the city
16.00 – return to the resort (around 18.00)

Ciego de Avila is the capital of one of 14 Cuban provinces.
This is an opportunity to see how ordinary Cubans live and discover the unique architecture of the city.

Price: 100 € or 110 USD per person (payment on the spot).
The price includes: transport, sightseeing, visit to the Shaman, carriage ride and dinner.
A trip for up to 8 people.

Trinidad (two days trip)

ciego 4

Trinidad  – day 1
4.00 – departure from the resort
9.00 am – arrival to Trinidad and breakfast
11.00 – 14.00 – horse riding in Guanayara Park, stay at the waterfall and visit the Casa Museo del Cafe
14.00 – dinner
15.00 -17.00 – the trip to the beach Playa el Ancon
Free time in the evening


Trinidad – day 2

9.00 – breakfast
10.00 – 15.00 – trip to the mountains by off-road car (with a break for dinner)
16.00 – return to the resort (around 20.00 – 21.00) with a stop for the coffee in a charming house by the ocean

Trinidad. A beautiful, wonderful city. The third oldest settlement in Cuba.
The colonial old town has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Price: 200 € or 220 USD per person (payment on the spot)
The price includes: transport, 2 breakfasts, accommodation, horses, access to the beach
A trip for up to 30 people

La Habana (two days trip)


Havana – day 1
00.00 – departure from the resort
8.00 am – arrival in Havana, accommodation and breakfast
10.00 – 13.00 – visiting the castle and the fort De San Carlos de la Cabana, a walk around the city
14.00 – dinner
16.00 – 18.00 – visiting the Museo de la Ciudad and the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales.
18.00 – free time, in the evening for the willing Cabaret Tropicana


Havana – day 2
9.00 – breakfast
10.30 – Museo del Ron Havana Club
12.30 – visit to the cigar factory
14.00 -16.00 – free time, sightseeing in Havana, walk Malecon
17.00 – return to the resort (around midnight).

Havana. The capital of Cuba, the largest city and port in the Caribbean.
In Havana there are numerous monuments of colonial architecture.
The city was inscribed in 1982 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Beautiful squares, museums, cathedrals and fort will surely disappoint architects.

Price: 200 € or 220 USD per person (payment on the spot)
The price includes: transport, 2 breakfasts, accommodation, admission to museums, the castle and the factory
A trip for up to 30 people

Research shows that people who take a medical fast once a year do not get sick or suffer much less often than others.

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